Innovation to the degree.

Some things never change: Perishables, for instance, keep their quality, mandatory for balanced nutrition in our modern world.

And yet, there are things that constantly change: Our coolhouse network is one such example. We continuously streamline and optimize in order to keep up with increasing demands between manufacturer and you, the consumer, without ever forfeiting on speed and efficiency.

Our fleet of specialized vehicles also makes adjustments to constant change in technological advancement and ecological trends – moving forward is the best way to advance.

One may well expect such developments from a market leader in FMCG. Indeed, you are the driving force behind our innovative spirit. For you, we implement our most enterprising ideas. We believe, that we, as the trigger in the change process, can, with every confidence of an expert in this business sector, assure our customers that their sensitive goods will remain qualitatively unchanged – irrespective of where and when our customers demand it.

Storage with a logistically locational advantange.

TRANSTHERMOS is capping the gap. Accessing 9 European gateways, we coordinate a dense nationwide transport network, covering comprehensive warehousing services for frozen goods. At our disposal:

In order to deliver perfect quality to our customers, we frost all goods compliant to contents, constantly optimize our logistics software and regularly carry out spot-checks on goods in our care.

Distribution for us, means absolute quality and availability for you.

Similarly, we offer a dense delivery network on the continent. Consequently we can guarantee a smooth transition in the deep-freeze chain from start to finish. Under perfectly controlled conditions, we provide seamless distribution of chilled goods up to -18°C, colder for consumable frozen goods. Daily we dispatch 700 refrigerated trucks, transport 3.6 million pallets with a total weight of 1.3 million tons per year.


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